All fence work, be it Wood picket fence, PVC rail fence, Chain Link fence, or whatever is dependent on the post setting process. Plan your layout carefully. Locate corners and gates as per your needs, (probably not a good plan to put a gate into the adjacent property, even if it is a vacant lot). Most residential access points require at least two gates – one on each side of the house. Try to enclose side doors of the house within your fence both for safety and pet containment. Draw your layout carefully!

I find myself in need of 2 more 3 rail Cedar gate kits (building a double wide gate for the other side of the yard) , but I wanted to send you some photos of my previous install for your use on the website. The kit was very simple to assemble, and the results are beautiful. You have an amazing product. Last time I ordered through ebay… is that still the best way?:

Gates for your picket fence generally should swing to the picket side of your fence. This way your hinges can be installed on the outside of the pickets on the fence and gate.

Also installing black ornamental hinges gives your gate a look of distinction. Using this method also allows you to hang your gate when using metal posts. Just attach the hinge to your pickets (use a 2 x 4 backer if runners do not align with the E-Z Fit Gate Kit runners).

If you are concerned about the lag bolts provided with hinge sets, simply replace them with carriage bolts and drill them through the picket and the 2 X 4. REMEMBER, THE HINGES AND LATCH ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH YOUR GATE KIT!

Hi Bob,Are you still selling red cedar gate kits? I bought one last year and I’d like to buy two more.
Janet K

Retrofitting gates is not the only application for this product.The E-Z Fit Gate Kit was developed to solve installation issues on new projects where professional installers needed uniformity and speed. Without question, gate issues are the biggest reason for warranty site visits. Even experienced crews take unnecessary hours building gates on a new fence. The E-Z Fit Gate Kit assures the fence contractor that every gate will look exactly the same, will fit any size opening, and will be assembled in only a couple minutes.
Best of all this gate frame is constructed using only wooden 2 X 4’s. There is no need to purchase or weld metal gate frames for your picket fence.