Two Rail Kit Instructions

(Cedar or Douglas Fir)

Tools You’ll Need For Assembling Your Gate Kit:

  • Tape Measure
  • Wrench (1/2”)
  • Saw – to cut unneeded rail length
  • Square
  • Pencil
  • Clear, flat area in which to work

Step One

Open package and place the two 60” horizontal runners parallel to each other on a flat surface with notches up.

Put a carriage bolt into each hole (6 total) with bolts sticking up. Be sure to align (aim) the diagonal brace notches so that the brace will be in the correct position.

Step Two

Place the two 32” vertical uprights over the bolts and into the notches.


Step Three

Place the diagonal brace over the bolts and into the notches. Attach the washers and nuts. You should now have a 60” X 32”rectangular frame having one foot cut tabs on each side.

Step Four

Using a 1/2” wrench, tighten all nuts, drawing the carriage bolts into the wood. YOUR E-Z FIT GATE FRAME IS NOW ASSEMBLED! Simply measure the gate opening, fasten your pickets (fence boards), and cut away the excess cut tabs. Note: pickets should be placed on the opposite side of the washers and nuts. Your gate is now complete and ready for hanging.

Instructional Video for Two-Rail Gate Kits

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